Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 89 - Coke Can Flower Magnet

Cut from a coke can!

Day 88 - CD and Jeans Information Organizer

This organizer is made from an old magnetic chalkboard from Ella's room. I added the CD chalkboards, a pocket from an old pair of jeans, and the belt hanger.

Day 87 -Tie and CD Information Organizer

I made this little information organizer from a men's tie, old cd painted with chalk board paint and a couple of binder clips.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 86 - Linen Tablecloth Poncho

While cleaning out my piles of fabric, I came across this blue linen tablecloth. I thought it was so pretty and really wanted to create something that I could use a lot. I turned it into a lightweight poncho. It will be prefect for those air-conditioned Arizona resturants.

I simply cut a hole out for the head an sewed on a pretty lace trim around the opening to finish it off. The embroidery was already on it.

Days 84 and 85-Days off

Lots of family in town for Ella's first communion, so no crafting this weekend!

Day 82 - Ella's Recycled Headband

Another recycled headband today. This time I covered it with ribbon from my stash and put Ella's name on with beads left over from a Girl Scout project. I love it and so does Ella.

Day 81 - Recycled Easter Headband

We always have headbands lying around that Ella doesn't wear anymore. So I used one, covered it up with a pretty sequened trim, and made a cute nest with baby chicks for Easter. The nest is made from some scrap fibers in my stash and the little chicks were left over from an Easter craft last year.